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3 Tips for Maintaining the Shine and Lustre of Car Tyres

3 Tips for Maintaining the Shine and Lustre of Car Tyres

by admin / March 19, 2018 Uncategorized

For most car owners, the upkeep of their vehicle simply means servicing their car once in a while and filling up the fuel tank. Even when washing the car during weekends, there is hardly any attention given to the tyres of the car. It is not surprising that these cars when go for servicing show major issues related to tyres. Overlooking the upkeep of your car tyres will affect you badly in the long run and might cost you both financially and mentally.

When it comes to washing your car, the upkeep of the tyres is equally important. Paying attention to cleaning the junk and dirt spread over the tyres with tyre shine products will not only save you from major car issues in the future, but will also improve the appearance of your car.

Take a look at some steps that you should follow whilst washing your car and the tyres:

Using a Tyre Cleaning Product

There are a number of cleaning supplies that are specially developed for the upkeep of car tyres, which you can avail for cleaning your tyres. Simply spreading detergent and water over your tyres will not be effective due to the wear and tear it goes through, hence, you will need to apply a product that is made specifically for this job. Spray the tyre cleaner on every section of the tyres and make sure that it does not affect the paint on your car. Always look for tyre cleaning products online that have both the quality of tyre shine and wheel cleaning. Ensure reading the reviews if you are buying the product from an online cleaning supplies website.

Let the Cleaner Set Down

Since the tyre is made of rubber, and you already know that rubber is a primarily permeable surface, you might face a lot of trouble in getting hold of the grime and removing the dust from your car tyres. When you apply the tyre cleaner on the surface of your tyre, allow it to sit for a while prior to wiping it down with a mop. This will let the cleaner to soak in and drum out as much grime and dirt as possible. When you buy a tyre cleaning product, see the user manual and follow the instructions carefully in order to achieve its optimal effect.

Avail a Stiff Brush

Using a tough brush for cleaning the tyres becomes necessary especially if you own tyres with a white film or your car tyres have turned brown in colour due to the deposition of dirt and grime. This kind of stubborn dirt requires being scrubbed down with the help of a stiff brush for effective cleaning. Get a cleaner brush with strong bristles and apply a lot of pressure whilst scrubbing down the tyre with it.

Finally, make sure that you wear glasses when cleaning the tyre of your cars. After you are done scrubbing the cars, put a hose in use for rinsing the tyre. Washing your tyre on a routine basis is important for maintaining its lustre, as well as, using a great tyre shine product will offer you the best results.