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Explore Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Explore Benefits of Dry Cleaning

by admin / January 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Dry cleaning and laundering are two effective ways of cleaning and despoiling clothes and also, other articles. The relatively more conventional cleaning practice is actually laundering and is surely a water-based process of cleaning clothes that is pretty common in most households.

You would be using the washer and dryer along with detergent or soap to launder your dirty and really soiled clothes. On the other hand, dry cleaning is a cleaning process that does not involve the use of any water but is effective enough to clean really soiled and dirty clothes at home without the hassles of wasting time and money to visit the professional dry cleaners.

Now if you are in Melbourne, you have easy access to top quality dry cleaning supplies, online. While both the dry cleaning and the laundering processes are effective in their own ways and have distinctive purposes, it is believed that dry cleaning is certainly much better for your clothes particularly, the delicate pieces of clothing, as compared to the traditional washing at home in a machine.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is supposed to be a really well-established practice which would be using choicest few cleaning agents and certainly a unique method for cleaning any sort of clothes without causing any damage. As the name suggests, dry cleaning does not utilize water as the key cleaning agent. However, the process would be involving the use of certain solvents for effectively removing stain and soil. Remember dry cleaning is essentially a method of cleaning your clothes by using cutting-edge cleaning solvents. These chemical solvents are used only when the clothes and fabrics are delicate and not robust enough to withstand the standard cleaning process in a washing machine or the dryer. Buy premium dry cleaning supplies, if you are based in Melbourne.

What is the most common chemical used in the dry cleaning process?

Trichloroethylene is quite a common and a good solvent suitable for a host of organic materials. It is a kind of a chlorinated hydrocarbon compound that exists in a liquid, and a non-flammable state. You must be aware that it is used principally as an industrial kind of solvent and is especially, effective in eliminating grease. Moreover, it is actually effectively used as a well-known stain remover and a dry cleaning agent. It is also used as an effective degreaser.

What sorts of chemicals are used in the dry cleaning process?

Chemicals that are chiefly utilized in the dry cleaning process could be classified into five major categories. They are:

  • Dry Cleaning Solvents
  • Spotting or Pre-Cleaning Agents
  • Chemicals Utilized in the maintenance of Solvent & Equipment
  • Garment Treatment Chemicals

Name some of the chemicals that are used as dry cleaning solvents?

Chemicals have always been used predominantly as dry-cleaning solvents. Some of these popular solvents would be including turpentine spirits, camphor oil, benzene, white gasoline, kerosene, petroleum solvents, carbon tetrachloride, perchloroethylene, Chloroform, glycol ethers and trichloroethylene.

What are the striking benefits of dry cleaning?

You do not need to soak clothes in water. Dry cleaning is a big hit. The process is more effective in terms of easy and better maintenance and much improved cleaning. If there seems to be any controversy regarding the supremacy of the dry cleaning process over the usual laundering process in the washing machine, rest assured that the verdict is surely going to go in favour of the dry cleaning process. Buy the most advanced range of dry cleaning supplies in Melbourne for best results.